Sunday, December 11, 2011

art of balancing

Honesty in the absence of compassion becomes cruelty.  Tenacity unmediated by flexibility congeals into rigidity.  Courage without prudence is recklessness. 

As Gregory Bateson put it: "There is always an optimal value beyond which anything is toxic, no matter what: oxygen, sleep, psychotherapy, philosophy." 

Most of us live by the myth that more, bigger, faster is better.

Most of us embrace the notion that confidence lies at the heart of success.  Insatiable desire for pleasure and aversion to pain 

We've paid precious little attention to cultivating the more subjective, imaginative, and integrative capacities of the right hemisphere of our brain.

sustainable great performance requires creating a healthy balance between systematically taking care of one's own core needs, and then using that energy to better serve others.


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