Friday, May 27, 2011

Warren BUFFET - Build Yourself

Watch it ,  focus on from 2.15 mins   

Thursday, May 26, 2011

WHat i am Missing

Because from your very childhood you have been told that in yourself, intrinsically, you are worthless. As you are you have no value. The value has to be attained, the worth has to be proved. From your very childhood you have been taught this millions of times. The parents, the teachers, the priests, the politicians, they are all in a secret conspiracy to destroy the child. And the best way to destroy a child is to destroy his trust in himself.

(குழந்தையாய் இருந்த போது உன்னளவில் உனக்கு எந்த மதிப்பும் இல்லை என்று திரும்ப திரும்ப சொல்லி வந்திருக்கிறார்கள்...)

To destroy the trust in the child you have to prove to the child that worth is not a given phenomenon, that it has to be achieved in life and you can miss it. Unless you work, unless you are very ambitious, unless you struggle with others.... It is a tooth and nail fight and you have to cut each other's throats to achieve it. You are being conditioned to be violent, ambitious, full of desires: to have more money, to have more power, to have more prestige. Because you have been told that intrinsically you don't have any worth, this problem has arisen.

And I say that you are intrinsically worthy, that you are born as buddhas. Unaware you are, utterly oblivious of the reality of your own being, but you are hidden gods. What I am saying is so totally different from what has been told to you, that a problem has arisen. I say you are buddhas - right now you are buddhas! - but the whole training and teaching, conditioning is: How can you be a buddha right now? Tomorrow maybe, one day certainly, in some future life it is going to happen...but right now? It seems impossible.

You have believed too much in your parents, in your teachers, in your politicians, in your priests, and whatsoever they have told you, you have collected it. It is garbage, but you have carried the garbage for so long that suddenly to drop it seems impossible - so long you have remained attached to it, so long you have thought it beautiful, precious, nourishing. Now I say: It is all nonsense! Drop it, and just be a buddha from this very moment! It is not a question of attaining, it is only a question of becoming aware. It is only a question of becoming conscious, alert, awake, not a question of achievement.

So you listen to me: one part of your mind says, "Yes, the Master must be right!" One part of you simply nods yes, because what is being said is a simple truth of life. But all your training is against it. When you are close to me you start feeling it is true. When you go away from me the mind jumps back upon you - with vengeance. And of course it is very powerful. The mind is so powerful, that's why it destroys your intelligence. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to DO

 You're not doing it to fulfill yourself. There is no desperation in your
action. Your action is just an expression of your divinity.  Sadhguru Jaggi 

My Innocence

I Used to believe    Aggression  is power ,  quality to Achieve

See  what  Sri sri ravishankar says

"Aggression and assertiveness overshadow intuition.

Often, people who are sensitive tend to become aggressive in order to avoid being hurt.

In this process, they lose sight of the fine intuition.

Fine intuition needs sensitivity; sensitivity is often painful.

In order to avoid pain one becomes aggressive and assertive, and in turn loses one's intuitive ability.

Intuition is close to the truth.

To be truthful, you don't need to be aggressive and assertive!

 Often, aggression and assertiveness thrive on the idea of truthfulness."

Can i Act effectively w/o aggression ? 


Monday, May 16, 2011

be lighter

thanks/source :anonymous

source / thanks : anonymous

Sunday, May 15, 2011

மக்கள் தலையில் மிளகாய்

 கருணாநிதி போனதால் யாருக்கும் துன்பமில்லை, ஜெ வந்ததால் யாருக்கும் இன்பமில்லை

ரெண்டும் ஓரே  மட்டைகள்  தான் என்பதை மக்கள் நன்கு புரிந்து கொண்டுள்ளனர்.
இதே அவர்களுக்கு   புரியாமல்  இன்னும் எத்தனை நாள் மக்கள் தலையில் மிளகாய் அரைப்பர்களோ ?

PEOPLE DEFINITELY WANT CHANGE, EVERYBODY WANTS IT NOW , (take ANNA HAZARA like people as as role model) . even layman knows both DMK and ADMK are selfish (thiefs) , but we dont have alternative.