Saturday, December 13, 2008

Starting Vividly

To day i came across two Great ideas ,
ONE : A chance in 5,000 years as told by Nandan nilekani of infosys.

while he concern about the widening social divide… the rich and the poor, says there is tremendous opportunities before Indians, and English capability giving hope to young Indians even from disadvantaged groups. Though we lack of good political leadership, today the people are ahead and the leaders are behind.
But he reiterates, with demographic dividend, our entrepreneurs, mastery over technology, English language skills, hugely advantageous global factors and our democracy India has great opportunity of a chance once in 5,000 years

His book Imagining India , is really the Ideas for the new century. I Hope it is the right guide for young and the Next generation of india - a nice and CLEAR ideas

A preamble to this by his words at :

(i thought i ve to lead India in this way in future ;-))

TWO: Marvelously i saw (Some Hope and) improvement in changing the political leadership. A new group of professionals started political party : Professionals party of India Check it out:

Their thoughts like This VIPism is illegal - shows they are moving in right direction and i prey it will not change when they sit in the chairs of power.

(Now i thought i may not lead India in future ;-))